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More than 10,000 users of our Speedtest app provide us with over 300,000 unique tests every quarter, in various locations where connectivity is of the upmost importance. Valuable data about different providers and their performance are obtained with these tests and give us valuable insights into the quality of connectivity across the South Africa.

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Market insights

See where you rank within the market or gain valuable insights into your overall performance.

Access provider performance ratings

Benchmark across locations

Pinpoint geographic troublespots

Download and upload speeds

Signal data


Latency and jitter

And many more...

Comprehensive data

See the bigger picture of your network performance with the help of thousands of consumer-initiated speed tests, that deliver a wide range of data points.

Coverage data

See how providers perform and the quality of their coverage.

Competitive benchmarking

Customer care

Roaming Intelligence

MyBroadband Insights Portal

The MyBroadband Insights Portal provides you with a wealth of data points obtained from thousands of speed tests conducted by consumers in locations all across South Africa. The data gathered is aggregated and analyzed, and thanks to our state of the art platform, this multitude of data is presented into an easily accesible format that enables you to compare your performance to competitors and spot areas where you can improve and optimize your network. So don't hesitate and gain some insight now.

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